• Aim to improve Z2 chain quality better, Z2 design team upgrade the calibrating machine, and figure out the high precision calibrating machine. This is for the smaller size compare to the calibrating machine found in 2008 with higher precision.

  • To meet the special requirements of stamping marks from different buyers, Z2 design team made the automatic marking machine. It can stamp any marks on the chain as required even on every links.

  • According to the automatic proof load test machine, aim to stacking the chain well while passing proof load test, Z2 design team manufactured the automatic stacking machine.

  • For more accurate detection, Z2 Lifting design team made the proof load test machine, it made that each piece of chain 100% go through working load test 2.5 times with full inspection.

  • In order to meet Z2 Lifting’s growth needs, Z2 Lifting design team found this machine to calibrate the chain by every links automatically. The machine can make the chain size more precision than manual calibration. And it also can save a lot of time

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